Hello! My name is

Daniel Zachary Ternyak

I'm a son, brother, friend, 🚴 enthusiast, former 🤼, high-school dropout, and Thiel Fellow.

In a past life, I served as the CTO of MyEtherWallet.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I'm building Grant.io to help grant giving organizations fund the best outcomes.

I like to write

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About Me

I've been hacking on computers since the age of 11, when my father introduced me to Linux. It's safe to say I'm a computer geek.

Once you go Unix, you never go back.

My early programming exposure was primarily through Pokemon RNG manipulation. With a goal to obtain the rarest and most powerful Pokemon, I labored through the painstaking trivia required to manipulate Pokemon software to generate the desired pokemon.

After "collecting them all", I progressed to Python and JavaScript based web applications. In 2015, I launched GetDotBit to make .bit domain registration as simple as clicking a button. With .bit domain names costing only ~$0.15, I ran a marketing campaign to give away free domain names, and acquired a user base of over 5,000 users in less than a week.

Soon after, GetDotBit crashed under the load. I decided to look for a full-time software development gig to put my "just-enough-to-be-dangerous" skills to use. In May of 2015, I joined Agosto as the youngest member on their Software Development team. Starting off in the services division, I gained invaluable insight into the operations of a consulting company through with the process of vetting client inquires and creating SOWs all the way to implementation and final delivery.

After cutting my teeth with external clients, I joined the internal SkyKit product team which enabled me to pickup the workflow and methodology of software product development. Software development is a deeply social process, and being embedded in a team taught me the importance of team collaboration and interpersonal communication skills. Half the job is showing up, and the other half is communicating to others what you did.

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Highlights from my travels

I've been fortunate to be given the opportunity to travel much of the developed world.

My running list includes (in no particular order) Chicago, Denver, New York, L.A., San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Medellin, Toronto, Ottawa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Paris, London, Munich, Copenhagen, Geneva, Zurich, Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Reykjavik.